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Retirement Plans

Bassi Insurance Agency can show you how to grow your retirement funds with NO RISK of losing what you have already saved!

*In the Early Years — Index Universal Life Insurance — You can build a lifetime income—an income that you can never outlive! And while your nest egg accumulates for your retirement, you will earn a great rate of return.  Unlike IRAs and 401Ks, you will have full access to your nest egg anytime you want it.  Incredibly, your access is tax-free and penalty-free!  Your nest egg is protected and secure, never subjected to any downside turns in the market.  What is even more amazing is that you will have a permanent life insurance benefit for your loved ones included in this plan.

Social Security

Social Security - Many folks are concerned about how and when to claim their Social Security benefits. We explain, in simple terms, your claiming strategies and answer all of your questions.

Retirement Plans *Getting Ready for Retirement — Annuities — Bassi Insurance Agency offers several types of fixed annuities, which avoid probate and go directly to beneficiaries. These products are safe alternatives for your investments and offer better growth than traditional savings plans.  Unlike IRAs and 401Ks, annuities have no upfront fees, grow tax-deferred and can convert into a lifetime income!  The new fixed, index annuities offer a higher potential interest rate than many other annuities and contract periods are 5 – 15 years.

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*Retirement Years — Annuities — Seniors are often concerned about outliving their money.  Annuities offer an income that you can never outlive!  Your retirement nest egg is in a secure location and is never exposed to market losses.  Our single premium annuities can begin monthly income payouts immediately and will last for your entire life!

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